Mollie has done an excellent job in Montpelier standing up for working families and common sense government. I am pleased to support her re-election effort.
— Bernie Sanders

Mollie's Top Priorities


Economic Growth

Vermonters need policies and programs to keep and create jobs, maintain the state's vibrant agricultural industries, and establish new avenues for responsible economic growth and long-term sustainability. Mollie's legislative work is focused on job creation and economic development through initiatives in transportation, agriculture, women, the arts, and environmental stewardship.  


Vermonters need to be able to get around safely and efficiently, no matter their mode of transit. Mollie is working to make sure that our streets are safe for bicyclists and pedestrians and free of impaired drivers, that our roads and bridges are adequately funded and effectively maintained, and that those without cars have access to transit options around and beyond the state.

Working Families

Vermonters need decent jobs, a livable wage, affordable housing, health insurance, and transportation. Mollie supports policies that increase the minimum wage, provide support for housing, publicly fund primary care, and offer various options for transportation. She supports tax reform to help working families and the middle class.