I am grateful to the elected officials, community members, and organizations in Brattleboro and around the state who endorse my work in the legislature and continue to support my re-election.



United States Senator Bernie Sanders
Windham County Senator Becca Balint
Windham County Senator Jeanette White
Representative Valerie Stuart, Brattleboro
Representative Tristan Toleno, Brattleboro
Representative Emily Long, Newfane
Representative Mike Mrowicki, Putney
Representative David Deen, Westminster
Representative Ann Manwaring, Wilmington
Representative Carolyn Partridge, Windham
Former Representative Daryl Pillsbury, Brattleboro
Former Representative Herb Russell, Rutland
Former Speaker of the House Tim O'Connor and Martha O'Connor

Sierra Club
Vermont National Education Association (Vermont-NEA)
Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA)


I served four years on House Transportation with Mollie Burke and I want you to know Brattleboro has one hard working, terrific advocate on a variety of transportation issues. In particular my focus has always been on improved rail across Vermont. In my effort to highlight rail system infrastructure needs statewide, Mollie was always involved in discussions relevant to the Vermonter, which is vital to Southeastern Vermont’s tourism economy, as well as commerce. Our continued successful efforts to invest in Vermont’s statewide rail plan, as well as our progress across the state is in large part due to the unwavering, focused efforts of Representative Mollie Burke.
— Former Representative Herb Russell, Rutland

In my two years in Montpelier, I have come to understand just how lucky your constituents are to have you representing them.
— Representative Emily Long, Newfane